Program Eligibility

Participant Requirements
Participants must hold title to and occupy the property to qualify as an eligible homeowner; must have homeowner's insurance; be current in their property taxes. For more information on eligibility requirements, please contact the La Habra Community Development Department.

A credit report will be obtained for each applicant to demonstrate the applicant's willingness and ability to meet credit obligations. Any adverse or derogatory credit information may limit the applicant's ability to qualify for the program.
Income Requirements
Participants household gross income must not exceed the following income limits based on the household size.
Household Size
Very Low
1 $31,650 $50,600
2 $36,150 $57,800
3 $40,650 $65,050
4 $45,150
5 $48,800 $78,050
6 $52,400 $83,850
7 $56,000 $89,600
8 $59,600 $95,400
For More Information
Acceptance of an application does not guarantee funding commitment. For additional information, please contact La Habra Community Development Department.